Windsurfing lessons - IN DUO

Group lesson of two | 2h00

Duo lessons take place everyday, depending on availability, in Baie-Havre-aux-basques at Fred Jomphe Park. 

These lessons are aimed at children, parents and groups of friends who wish to discover and learn to windsurf with a companion to increase the pleasure of the lesson! 

This formula also allows you to resume good habits and to progress quickly. Two people maximum per instructor. Equipment is included. 

Prices : 

Duo coursePrice
* Total price for the duo 

Course's levels, prerequisite, goals 

LevelsPrerequisite LevelGoal
DiscoverKnow how to swimstart,  navigate, upwind, tack, safety and navigation rules
Slidingknow how to go upwind, navigate alone in light windsTacking, jibe,sailing without drifting, beachstart, harness

What you need to know

Schedule: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day of the week (variable depending on the weather) 
Includes: Full windsurfing gear, as well as a protective helmet and flotation device. Wetsuits will be available, if you got one at your disposal we encourage you to bring your own.
Make sure to: Eat well before the outing, bring your swimsuit and a beach towel, have sunscreen, have snacks and water to maximize your energy throughout the activity.