Windsurfing lessons - PRIVATE

Private lessons | 2h00 

Private lessons ake place eveyday , depending on availability and weather, in Baie-Havre-aux-basques at Fred Jomphe Park.

To discover windsurfing or improve your skills, this is the most optimal solution: an instructor dedicated to you for 2 hours. We either provide the full equipment or you can still use your personal equipment (saving $ 20 give back on site).


Private session Equipment Price

2h school180 $

160 $

Course's levels, prerequisite, goals 

Levels Prerequisite level Goals
Discovery No Start, navigate, upwind, tack, safety and navigation rules
Sliding Know how to go upwind, navigate alone in light winds Tacking, Jibing, sailing without drifting, beachstart, harness.


Harness-free navigation

Planning, footstraps, waterstart.

Funboard2 Planning, footstraps, waterstartCarve jibe, Carve duck jibe, Fast tack
Funboard3 Planning, footstraps, waterstart, jibe Down wind 360, up-wind 360, heli-tack
Funboard4 Planning, footstraps, waterstart, jibe Vulcan, spock 360, spock 540, Duck tack ... on request!

What you need to know

  • Schedule: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day of the week (variable depending on the weather)
  • Includes: Full windsurfing gear, as well as a protective helmet and flotation device. Wetsuits will be available, if you have your one at disposale we encourage you to bring your own.
  • Make sure to: Eat well before the outing, bring your swimsuit and a beach towel, have sunscreen, have snacks and water to maximize your energy throughout the activity.