Wing lessons

Individual introductory / Wing initiation 

The introductory and initiation courses take place evedyday depending on availability in Havre-aux-Basques Bay at Fred Jomphe Park.

To discover the wing, this is the ideal solution: an instructor with you for the duration of the course who will take the time to explain the components of this sport.

Our wing lessons are progressive. This formula promotes your learning, maximizes safety and minimizes the risk of damaging the equipment.

* WITHOUT EXPERIENCE * It is possible to learn wing in Îles-de-la-Madeleine with our team, even if you are not familiar with this new sport. It is an activity accessible to all and stimulating for youths and adults!

To follow the initiation courses, it is prerequisite to have passed the introductory course or to already have knowledge and experience on the hydrofoil.

Private wing lessonEquipmentPrice
2h Introductory / Initiation course (on paddle board) school180 $
2h Initiation / Advanced navigation course (On hydrofoil) school180 $

Course's level, prerequisite, goals 

Level Prerequisite level Goals


30 min Introduction+

1h30 Initiation course (on paddle board)


Know how to swim 

Inflate your wing well, deflate and fold, maintenance, handle the wing on the ground, prevent breakage, handling in the wind, safety and navigation rules, how to handle the wing in the water, get up on the board, navigate, go upwind, tack


2h Initiation / Advenced course (On foil)

Introduction/initiation course 


Knowledge and experience on the foil

Know how to swim

Safety and navigation rules, how to install your foil in the right place depending on the conditions, handle your equipment on the ground / on the water, get up on the board, navigate, go upwind, tack, use the wing to get on the foil

What you need to know

  • Schedule: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day of the week (variable depending on the weather)
  • Includes: Full wing gear, helmet and life jacket. Wetsuits will be available, if you got one at your disposale we encourage you to bring your own.
  • Make sure to: Eat well before the outing, bring your swimsuit and a beach towel, have sunscreen, have snacks and water to maximize your energy throughout the activity.