The school team

Wind aux Iles was born out of our passion for water, wind, travel and of course, windsurfing.

From left to right: Charles Saint-pierre, Shanya Ramirez and André Marcoux. 

We have spent the last few years exploring the windsurfing sites to discover the multiple places where wind and water meet. 

We have also collaborated in another wonderful project: The OBNL “ Baie de Beauport Windsurfing School" Where we had the chance to enhance our knowledge of starting a business and to develop our personal skills. This is how we set up Wind aux Îles: a school in the colors of the enthusiasts that we are. 

Our motivation is to awaken the windsurfer who sleeps in you! To continue to feed the already existing community by enlightening new followers, to share our enthusiasm for this fantastic sport and to create new connections. 

So, it is this motivation that guides us in our mission. This consists in introducing windsurfing, but also emerging water sports to all age groups while facilitating learning through our support and advice. After all, the goal is to have maximum fun while discovering the archipelago of Magdalen Islands! 


Warning ** Windsurfing is a sport that will give you the bite from the first minute!


-The Wind aux Îles team